Wholesale Program from Quality Hair Imports

Q.H.I. has developed a (wholesale) program for hair professionals to buy and sell 100% Virgin Indian Hair at wholesale costs. The goals of this program are as follows:

About Quality Hair Imports

Increase Income - Hair professionals will buy hair at a wholesale cost that will allow them to sell it to their clients at a profit.

Lower Cost - QHI is able to provide the finest quality 100% Virgin Indian Human Hair in the marketplace for 3 simple reasons:

  • First, QHI focuses on 1 product and 1 product only - 100% Virgin Indian Human Hair. We have been importing hair directly from India for over 5 years.
  • Second, we do not have the corporate bloatedness of our competitors. This business model allows us to focus on acquiring the best hair at the best price and passing those savings on to you and your clients.
  • Third, Quality - Our hair is not only beautiful but is long lasting. We have found that customers, especially in these difficult economic times, will often opt to purchase cheaper quality and less expensive hair only to be disappointed in the look received or the wear (duration) of the product and ultimately spending more money than expected to correct these problems. QHI hair is initially more expensive, but because of the quality lasting long enough to make it a better investment (purchase). In most cases, the purchase of hair can cost less the $1/day over time. And provide a superior look.

Save Time - Clients and hair professionals will have immediate access to the product as the hair professional will have as much supply as needed on hand. Additionally, QHI always has storage of hair of different lengths at its facility.

Ensure Quality - QHI was incorporated in Beverly Hills, CA over 5 years ago. As the human hair industry has grown we have found that this growth and the increased choices that it has provided does not ensure that the client will choose or receive the best quality hair that is available. Frequently we have found that more choices has provided more opportunities for disappointment and wasted money.

Why send your client to beauty supply store to buy hair when it is quite possible that neither the store or the client will be able to identify what will consist of long lasting quality hair. Over the years we have found that the best way to ensure that clients receive the best quality 100% Virgin Human Hair is through their hair professional and hair salon. We believe that the hair professionals know best! They know the difference between inferior and superior products. They can provide their clients with the best choices.

For QHI, quality is never an accident. It is the result of our founder’s sincerest intentions and effort to provide women with their best possible look- whether in providing the perfect compliment to their corporate attire or in their everyday recreational use. QHI understands the challenges that many women face today and we want them to look their best and feel good in the most least expensive, most convenient fashion!

Call for Pricing information 310-461-1982. Quality first, last and forever.